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Старый 03.08.2019, 01:49   #1
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Ardwen пока неопределено
Восклицание Aion Destiny 2.5 | Bypass Active Anticheat | L2phx | modded bin32 | modded client


Я не говорю по-русски извините.

I play Aion Destiny 2.5. This is the homepage. Their server is version 2.5 and they have an anticheat program called Active Anticheat.

I have read many topics on the forum from zhyk.ru and here. I am trying to run L2phx with Aion. I setup Proxifier and Aion on my first PC. And L2phx on my second PC. I redirect the traffic from the game server (port 7777) over a proxy on port 7788 to my second PC and I let L2phx work as proxy on port 7788 and intercept aion.bin on port 7777.
The problem is that after I click "Accept" on the ToS screen the game freezes and I can't select a character. The same problem is described here on zhyk.ru.

I tried to suspend some aion.bin threads with this method, but it doesn't work anymore.
Now I read that you can replace the game.dll and aion.bin in the bin32 folder with a modded version here and run it with a modded launcher. As you can see all the links are down or deleted. Does someone have this files for Aion 2.5?

So why do I write here?

Is there any way to bypass the protection?
Is there a newxor.dll and PacketsAion25.ini for L2phx with the newest encryption for Aion Destiny?
Is there someone who can help me with this tutorial? Or does it not work either?
Is there someone with some information? Anything?

If you can help, please answer here or write me a private message.
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Старый 22.09.2023, 17:54   #2
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